Top Questions about TopTherm Products and Services


Once I use your starter for a batch, can I use part of the batch as starter for the next batch?
Yes you can set aside about 1/4 cup for your next batch. This will work for several batches

Can i make cheese with it too?

Yes you can! Just make the Greek yogurt process straining it over night or more depending on how you want the texture. Make sure to drain the liquid and not let the yogurt in contact with it. Then you can place is a container to mold your cheese, cover with a plastic to not let air come in for two days in the refrigerator. If you want you can use any season of your choice too.

Are the starters dairy free/ vegan?

The starter that I use is not vegan. But, I have seen vegan starters on with Amazon which has a large selection. Just take your time to find just the right one for your usage. Have fun making your yogurt... I do.

whats the strainer basket capacity?

I start with "1 gallon" of milk. When it is finally put in the strainer, it comes almost to the top.

Can I make a smaller batch? It is just me who will eat it and I don't want to waste it.

You sure can, but we would recommend you to use a kitchen scale to measure exactly the half of starter and milk. However we encourage you to make the full batch and use it in different ways and recipes like delicious snacks, desserts, smoothies, soups, dips, spreads, bread. Countless ways to use it.

Can this make coconut yogurt with my own starter in room temperature for 36- 48 hrs?

You can choose the non-dairy milk of your choice to make yogurt at TopTherm yogurt maker, it will be ready in 6 hours in room temperature when using our vegan probiotics starter that already comes with it. For any other starter you should follow their instructions.

How much milk does it hold? What is the strainer made of?

It holds a 1/2 gallon of milk ... it is right to top but very doable. Not sure what the strainer is made of.

Does this work for almond or soy milk and does it need to be boiled?

TopTherm Yogurt Maker can be done with the milk of your choice. You need to bring 1/2 gallon of milk to a rolling boil, remove from heat and let it cool to 114.8 F (46C). The product already comes with the thermometer and with anything that you need to start your first batch.

I like my yogurt more tangy, so i do 48 hours, i only do coconut milk with my own vegan live culture starter, can this make what i describes?

We can not assure that using your own live culture starter will result in the exact yogurt that you are looking for. TopTherm yogurt maker was especially designed to deliver the best yogurt in 6 hours, but you should totally give it a try. Our Yogurt maker already comes with 3 yogurt starters so you can keep using your, but you can also attest the taste, quality and all the benefits that our vegan probiotics starters have.

Does it come with the starters?

Yes, Toptherm Yogurt Maker comes with 3 TopFit cultures starters and you can enjoy it right away.

Are the starters dairy free/vegan?

Yes, all TopTherm products are dairy free and vegan so to keep it that way just choose a dairy free milk of your choice and try the ones with the most protein available, so you get the best yogurt texture possible. Enjoy your homemade yogurt!

Do you have to use the supplied yogurt starter? Or can you use plain yogurt from the store as the starter?

No, you don't need to use the supplied yogurt starter. The benefit of using it is that our starters have the probiotic added to the yogurt. Each starter has 17 billion CFU that will promote overall digestive health, enhance food nutrient absorption, lower ph level in the colon and make you have a stronger immune system.

How many oz of milk does it hold?

TopTherm yogurt maker holds 64 oz of milk. The TopTherm probiotics Starter that comes with the yogurt maker allows you to make 10 jars of traditional yogurt or 4 jars of geek yogurt.

How do you keep the yogurt warm during fermentation?

TopTherm Yogurt Maker does not require electricity so it will not keep the yogurt warm. It was specifically designed to maintain the temperature needed for fermentation. After the milk of your choice has reached 114.8°F (46°C) and you add the TopTherm Probiotic Starter Culture, fermentation will take place in the next 6 hours.

How long do you have to strain to get greek yogurt? Do you put it in while warm or cool first, then strain? Thanks

Hello thank you for your question. Times vary depending on how thick you would like to the yogurt to turn out. For best results, we like to cool the yogurt in the fridge first for a few hours, then pour it in the strainer and let it strain for 8 hours or more. I hope that helps.

I make cream cheese at home, and it requires extremely fine cheese cloth (butter muslin). Is the steel mesh as fine as butter muslin?

I have not worked with butter muslin, but based on the web pictures claiming to be butter muslin I have seen, the answer is yes, it is as fine.

My yogurt has not fermented properly, what should I do?

Milk temperature is one of the most important factors in this process. With the milk temperature below 104ºF, the fermentation time will extend for more than 12 hours. The ideal is to keep the temperature close to 114.8º F (maximum), both at the time of adding the yeast and during fermentation, hence the importance of using the Top Therm Yogurt Maker, which guarantees the maintenance of the ideal temperature. With the milk at a temperature above 114.8º F, the live lactobacilli of the Top Fit yeast will not resist, as a consequence, there will be no fermentation.

My yogurt has gone soft, what should I do?

As in the case above, the consistency of yogurt can vary depending on the composition of the milk. For a firmer consistency, use 03 tablespoons of powdered milk for each liter of milk.

In the fermentation process can I make it sweetened and flavored?

The ideal is to add sugar, honey, fruits, etc. after the fermentation process, but you can, before preparation, add 01 tablespoon (soup) of jam of your choice (warm) to the bottom of each pot. You will have Top Therm 100% natural yogurt, with the flavor of your choice.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women consume TopTherm yogurt?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, Top Therm yogurt will be a precious ally for your health. Rich in nutrients, easily absorbed, it helps to regulate the intestinal flora, preventing constipation and diarrhea.



Ingredients? Maltodextrin? What cultures?

No TopTherm Culture Starter do not contain Maltodextrin. The full ingredient list for the TopTherm Yogurt Starter - Gut is Cornstarch, St.Thermophilus, Lb. Acidophilus LA3, Bb.Lactis BLC1. And the live culture that our product contains is Lactobacillus, Acidophilus BB. Lactis probiotic.

Can you use in instant pot on yogurt setting?

Check YouTube for specific InstantPot/yogurt instructions. Briefly: sterilize pot and utensils inside instantpot with 1 cup of water, seal, pressure cooker setting for 15 minutes. Remove utensils. Pour in 1/2 gallon of whole milk. Lid off. (Remove round silicon seal. May impart unwanted flavor) push “Yogurt” setting. “Boil”. Have clean thermometer handy. At 180 degrees F. System should shut off automatically. Wait until temperature falls to between 113 and 105. Add yogurt starter. Whisk with sterilized utensils. Place lid on. Instant pot defaults to 8 hours. You can up it to 24 hours. More tangy and less lactose. Enjoy.

How it contains cornstarch and is no GMO?

We do have a very small amount of cornstarch as a carrier for the Probiotic Starters, but we are proud to say that not all corn starches are GMO. That is the case of our products. We have a high-quality Italian supplier that do not use genetically modified organisms in any of their ingredients which allows TopTherm to deliver a NO GMO product to our customers.

Can you use yogurt made with this as a starter for the next batch? If so, how much would you need for a quart of milk?

According to the directions you can. I have not tried it yet.

All products are made in usa or china?

As shown in the upper left of the package, this particular product is made in Italy.

Can I use Amond or Almond milk?

Depending on the yogurt starter you use to make your non-dairy yogurt, you should be able to use almond or any other non-dairy milk. Most yogurt starters, including Bacillus Bulgaricus, are strong enough for that purpose. Keep in mind that non-dairy milk would generally also require a thickening agent, such as agar-agar, simply because they do not have the milk fats that naturally thicken the yogurt. Also, for best results with non-dairy milks, always keep the yogurt in the fridge for a couple of hours after it had set and before you consume it.

Can this be used in yogurt making machine?

Of course. Make sure the temp of milk comes down to a proper 115 degrees. Stir in, and pour into yogurt maker.

Can I use fat-free milk, or is it best to use full fat milk?

Hi, it makes a great solid yogurt even with fat-free milk. The fatter the milk the thicker the yogurt of course so keep that in mind in case you want to try different consistencies.