Health and wellness are in the DNA of TopTherm

Here's a bit of TopTherm's success story, which began with the pioneering yogurt kit, and today offers a line of vitamins and supplements for the health and well-being of millions of families.


Natural yogurt has always been part of the diet of the businessman Gerhard Michel Wolf and Professor Aracy Wolf's family. In the early 1990s, with daughters Nara, Eliana, Luciana and Ana Cristina in the growing stages, the studious student of the beneficial properties of living lactobacilli concluded that it would be more advantageous to prepare their own yogurt at home. He bought an electric yogurt maker that yielded 6 pots of yogurt at a time, using 1 liter of milk. The problem was that milk fermentation took an average of 12 hours to complete and a little longer to freeze. The 6 pots were empty in the blink of an eye; after all the Wolf family always loved homemade yogurt.


A tireless researcher, Gerhard Wolf put the electric yogurt maker aside and started using a pot with capacity for 3 liters of milk and a yeast imported from Denmark. However, fermentation did not always occur. With the family kitchen transformed into a laboratory, Aracy's dogged husband began investigating the cause of this failure in the yogurt production process. Shortly after, the mystery was solved. Milk quality and temperature were the key to fermentation. Initially, Gerhard Wolf used a fever thermometer to control temperature, which could not exceed 46 oC, the maximum temperature the lactobacilli withstand. To maintain the fermentation temperature, a Styrofoam box was used. From this discovery, the production of yogurt became regular and sufficient for the whole family.


Shortly thereafter, Gerhard Wolf read the book "The Totally Customer-Oriented Company," written by Richard Whiteley, which talks about products and services that do not meet the needs of consumers. The 6-pot electric maker he had purchased, was definitely a concrete example of that. The book by the English journalist inspired the entrepreneur to develop a yogurt formula that would meet the needs of his family, and consequently many others, because the home production process was fully controlled. After researching in various stores, he found that there was no yogurt on the market that would meet the specifications needed for his method of producing homemade yogurt. The solution was to develop the ideal yogurt formula.



The TopTherm Yogurt Maker goes to the TV

In 1994, Gerhard Wolf won the TopTherm Yogurt Kit patent, with the capacity to produce 3 liters of yogurt in just 6 hours. The kit contained 12 pots, the compact thermal box and a special food thermometer. TopTherm yogurt became a national success because of its simplicity, ease of use and speed of fermentation. The name TopTherm was adopted because it is a thermal box, keeping the temperature, both cold and hot, hence the reason for the colors of the logo: gray (cold) and red (hot).

At the beginning, the tireless entrepreneur turned himself into a producer, administrator and the TV pitchman, announcing his TopTherm Yogurt Maker in one of the first Note & Anote programs, at the time on TV Record, directed by Ana Maria Braga. Merchandizing took place once a week and the orders were taken by an Outsourced Call Center, which manually registered names, addresses and other data in spreadsheets for billing purposes.

This service was used for approximately 3 years. With the success of its creation, the businessman decided to develop his own sales service, with approximately 20 employees, since the cost of a telephone line at the time was absurdly expensive, besides the cost of the PBX and IT system. However, the service was exclusively dedicated to the sale of yogurt with a better quality of care.

After six months, it was the turn of her daughter Ana Cristina, who became a renowned nutritionist, to announce on TV the benefits of home-made yogurt produced at TopTherm's Yogurt, a mission that she carried out with great dedication for about a year until the birth of her first son Matheus.

Since then, Aracy Wolf is the image, soul and voice of TopTherm. Known as Aracy of TopTherm, She presents the latest news and exclusive promotions for millions of satisfied customers across Brazil.


Own headquarters in Jabaquara and Cambuci

Over the years, Gerhard Wolf company has been growing, boosted by the excellent acceptance of yogurt, enabling the inauguration of its own headquarters in the Jabaquara district of São Paulo, already with approximately 100 service positions. With the acquisition of a second headquarters, a new service unit was created in the neighborhood of Cambuci, with 300 operators. Currently, the TopTherm family has approximately 450 employees.

A 3,000 m2 storage and distribution center, located in Santana do Parnaiba (SP), guarantees the health and well-being of millions of customers throughout the country.

Another chapter of success started with TopFit

The first dairy fermenting agents used in yogurt fermentation were imported from Denmark and did not belong to TopTherm. Decided to improve the quality of yogurt, Gerhard Wolf chose Italy to research and develop a new probiotic yeast, whose health benefits for the intestinal microbiota are scientifically recognized. Its name is TopFit.

Continuing its research, TopTherm has developed a probiotic formula to be added to juices, water, or fruit salads etc. Designed for people who do not consume yogurt or milk, but who could get the same benefits for their intestinal microbiota. The name is TopFlora.

TopTherm's newest product is TopFlora Plus, a state-of-the-art probiotic, produced in the United States, with a symbiotic formula containing 6 different types of probiotic bacteria plus the prebiotic Organic Inulin, which feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestine.

Legitimate Omega-3 Pioneers

27 years after the first experiments in the kitchen turned into laboratory, and the first TV sales, the Wolf family celebrated the solidification of TopTherm as one of the leading brands in the market of vitamins and dietary supplements. In 2014, a survey placed TopTherm as one of the two most recognized brands by consumers in the Brazilian market for dietary supplements. The motto of the company created by Gerhard Wolf is: health and wellness with reliable products and services that meet the needs of consumers. An insight inspired by the book of Richard Whiteley in the 1990s.

TopTherm is also a pioneer in the launch of the legitimate Omega 3, a wonderful product imported from Norway whose benefits to heart and brain health are recognized worldwide. Recently, TopTherm has launched the new Omega 3 Low Reflux formula, a quick-absorbing product with a light orange flavor, without the fishy aftertaste.

The TopTherm family of products is always growing with exclusive products such as: Coenzyme Q10, Calcium with Vitamin D, Caramel Oil, Collagen with Lycopene, Pre-Probiotic AntiAcne among others that will be launched very soon.