Why You Absolutely Should Incorporate Yogurt into your Daily Routine

Why You Absolutely Should Incorporate Yogurt into your Daily Routine

When it’s time for a snack, what do you reach for? If yogurt is not already one of your go-to snack choices, give it a try! Making yogurt part of your daily routine is a great way to have a delicious snack while also taking advantage of a variety of health benefits.

Why You Should Add Yogurt To Your Daily Routine:

Yogurt is full of nutrients

A strong microbiome – your body’s store of “good” bacteria, such as that found in yogurt – can help improve your body’s replenishment and absorption of nutrients. Yogurt offers a variety of nutrients to help keep you healthy, such as calcium, which supports healthy teeth and bones.

Yogurt benefits your heart

Research has shown that specific probiotic bacteria are responsible for a variety of functions in the body. Yogurt contains probiotics that help promote overall heart health when part of a balanced, healthy diet. Yogurt also contains B vitamins, including vitamin B12, which may support heart health by protecting against heart disease.

Yogurt benefits your gut

A key component to your overall health is your digestive health. Adding Greek yogurt rich in probiotics to your daily routine can help you maintain good gut health. When your body has a healthy gut and a strong microbiome, it’s better able to ward off illnesses and combat many serious health problems and diseases. A healthy gut and robust microbiome can also help decrease the amount of harmful bacteria present, mitigate digestive orders, prevent constipation and more.

Yogurt benefits athletic performance

When you take part in sports or intense exercise, your body may lose nutrients and other important elements that it needs to keep itself and your immune system healthy. Adding yogurt to your day as part of a balanced diet can help you benefit from yogurt’s probiotic cultures and a strong biome, which helps your body absorb nutrients that support overall health and wellness. It will also help you improve your performance in sports activities and training.

Yogurt helps strengthen your immune system

A strong immune system is important to help you stay healthy. Consuming yogurt rich in probiotics can help strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress.

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How to add yogurt to your routine

While you can buy yogurt at the store, the cost of yogurt can quickly add up. Yogurt at the store is also often loaded with unnecessary sugar. Instead, you can enjoy healthy yogurt at a lower cost by making it yourself at home. TopTherm makes that easy. Simply add one of our probiotic-rich yogurt culture starters to heated milk, give it some time, and voila! Homemade yogurt. You can even use our yogurt maker for added convenience.

We offer three different types of yogurt starter cultures so you can choose the one that’s right for you: Heart Health Support, Healthy Gut Support, and Performance Support.

Whatever your health goals are, adding TopTherm yogurt to your daily routine is a great way to get the good bacteria that your body and microbiome need to help you achieve those goals.

Learn more about our probiotic yogurt starters at https://www.toptherm-usa.com/probiotics.

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