Why is Toptherm a Good Substitute Ingredient For Your Thanksgiving Meals?


From breakfast casseroles to Thanksgiving dinner, food is a beloved part of Thanksgiving celebrations. While the meals can be delicious, they’re often also full of calories. Luckily, you can make them a little healthier by replacing certain ingredients with TopTherm Greek yogurt. Here’s a look at why yogurt makes a great substitute ingredient in your Thanksgiving cooking and baking.


Yogurt provides a variety of health benefits

If you want to add extra health benefits to your Thanksgiving meals, incorporating yogurt in your recipes is a great way to do so. For example, yogurt helps you to feel fuller for a longer amount of time thanks to its high protein content. Yogurt is also full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients, including calcium and B vitamins. Yogurt is also a great source of probiotics – “good for you” bacteria. Probiotics help keep your gut healthy by reducing the presence of harmful bacteria, helping to prevent constipation and digestive disorders, improving the absorption of nutrients, and more. While yogurt starters typically have one type of probiotics, TopTherm’s yogurt starters include multiple types of probiotics for extra health benefits.


Yogurt is a versatile ingredient

A versatile ingredient, yogurt can be easily incorporated into your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. It can be used as a replacement for sour cream, butter, mayonnaise, buttermilk, vegetable oil, and more. Yogurt is a great addition to soups, as its thickness lends an even creamier texture to these dishes. It’s also a nice alternative to salad dressing, whether you prefer yours on salads or as a way to cool off spicy foods.


Yogurt also has a versatile flavor, making it a great option for the base of dips, such as savory dips for vegetables and chips or sweet dips for fruit and graham crackers. Yogurt can even serve as a substitute ingredient in your baking recipes, as its acidity activates the baking soda to make baked goods extra light and fluffy. Whether you’re baking a pie or marinating poultry, there’s sure to be a way to add in yogurt.


Additionally, because yogurt can be a replacement for so many other ingredients, having yogurt on hand allows you to cut back on the number of different ingredients needed for your recipes.

yogurt maker

Yogurt is easy to make

Yogurt is a tasty, healthy, versatile ingredient to have when making your Thanksgiving meals. Luckily, it’s also easy to make when you have the TopTherm Yogurt Maker. All you have to do is heat your milk, mix in the probiotic yogurt starter cultures, pour the mixture into the yogurt maker bowl, and let the magic happen. After letting the mixture sit for at least six hours, your yogurt will be ready! If you prefer Greek yogurt, simply scoop the yogurt into the strainer. The excess liquid will drain out and you’ll end up with delicious Greek yogurt. The great thing about yogurt made at home is it contains less sugar than many store-bought options.


Are you ready to update your Thanksgiving recipes with the help of homemade yogurt? Click here to learn more about our yogurt maker.

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