Why homemade yogurt is good for you

Why homemade yogurt is good for you

As you have probably imagined, yogurt made industrially is not as healthy as the manufacturers claim it is. It often contains ingredients that are not good for your body. And the situation is even worse when we think about yogurt made for children – in order to attract the kids, it is usually full of colors and flavors – in other words, full of artificial food coloring and flavorings.

The solution might be right in your hands – literally. Homemade yogurt might be the right alternative for you to keep this food in your diet while still avoiding the cons of eating the store-bought option.

But what are exactly the benefits of homemade yogurt? That's what we'll learn in this article. Shall we?

​​Why homemade yogurt is good for you

1. You don't need an industrial kitchen to make your homemade yogurt

Many people think that they'll need an industrial kitchen to make their own yogurt, but the fact is that you can make it with simple kitchen appliances. You don't need anything special to make your own yogurt, just a couple of pots we'll do.

But if you want to make your job easier, you can buy a particular appliance for that, like TopTherm's yogurt maker. Using the right appliances for heating the milk and setting the yogurt is critical for the fermentation process to work.

2. It has way more probiotics than regular yogurt

Because of the heavy processing and the use of additives in store-bought yogurt, most of these products have way fewer probiotics compared to homemade yogurt. At the same time, you can make your yogurt at home without using any additives, which allows the probiotics to get stronger the longer they stay in the process. The result is a probiotics-rich yogurt.

3. Homemade yogurt tastes a lot better than its alternative

Regular yogurts are full of artificial flavors and sweeteners – some of them barely taste like original yogurt. Unlike these versions of the food, homemade yogurt has a rich and creamy taste that is acquired while the yogurt is going through the fermentation process.

4. You don't have to be a chef to make it

Making homemade yogurt is as easy as it can be. Yes, there are times when the result might not be what you thought – especially when you are a beginner in this art –, but usually, it is just a matter of following the instructions from the starter culture and/or yogurt maker producer. This is crucial to make the recipe work – as it is with almost everything you make in the kitchen.

5. It brings you a lot of health benefits – and avoids unhealthy ingredients in your diet

Homemade yogurt making allows you to have healthier and more nutritious food and avoids unhealthy additives and sugars that are often found in regular, store-bought yogurt. For example, the yogurt you make at home, when made right, becomes creamy, thick, and with a delicious natural flavor, so there's no need to add artificial additives, sweeteners, or thickeners.

6. You can add homemade yogurt in lots of recipes

Yogurt is a very versatile food, so you can eat it in very different ways and combine it with other food to try new flavors: plain yogurt, as salad sauce, or even add it to beauty treatments.

7. It costs less than store-bought yogurt

Homemade yogurt is less expensive and has much more to offer in terms of health benefits and taste compared to regular yogurt. While saving the money you would spend to buy store-bought yogurt, the version made at home might help you save money in the future – by helping you get healthier and avoiding potential health-related problems and costs.

8. You'll improve your guts' health and functioning

There are some bacterial species that can ferment lactose, a natural sugar found in milk. The result of this fermentation is the lactic acid. This acid thickens the milk proteins and results in that unique tart flavor and texture of homemade yogurt.

Those bacteria break down the milk partially – that's why the yogurt is easier to digest than the milk itself. And if you eat your homemade yogurt regularly, it will replenish the healthy bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, which we usually lose when we have an upset stomach or take antibiotics.

9. Homemade yogurt is a superfood – it has a lot of nutrients

We've just read that yogurt is full of beneficial species of bacteria that improve your gastrointestinal system and avoid its malfunctioning. But homemade yogurt is also loaded with other beneficial nutrients, such as zinc, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, you can add fruits and vegetables to it, which can make your food even healthier.

10. You'll even look healthier

Eating homemade yogurt is good for your guts, but the benefits appear externally, too: the ingredient can make your hair and skin look better. That is why there are a lot of home remedies that use it, like sunburn and hair fall recipes.

Bonus: Homemade yogurt is a detoxifier and helps with weight loss

Excess weight might be a problem for some people's health. That's why many people are always looking for some magical solution for that. Although there isn't any, some types of food can help in this process – and yogurt is one of them. It has detoxifier and weight-loss properties, which is why it is often recommended by doctors and nutritionists.


The secret of a good homemade yogurt is to follow the steps indicated by the manufacturers and to pay attention to the essential aspects of production — milk, probiotics, warmth, and time. And always use quality products. Top Therm offers starter cultures and a natural yogurt maker to help you make the creamiest, tastiest homemade yogurt. Explore our products!

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