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It’s no secret that we love Greek yogurt, and we’re betting you do, too. There are so many things to love about it, including the creamy texture, great taste, and awesome health benefits. However, the cost of buying Greek yogurt at the store can quickly add up, and store-bought yogurt is often loaded with unnecessary sugar. For healthy Greek yogurt that’s readily available, try making it at home with TopTherm’s yogurt maker.


What’s so great about Greek yogurt?

The most obvious benefits of Greek yogurt are the smooth, creamy texture and delicious taste. The flavor is also mild enough to make Greek yogurt an incredibly versatile food that can be eaten by itself, served with a variety of toppings, mixed into smoothies, and even used in savory products like sauces and dressings.


Greek yogurt also offers a variety of health benefits. It’s a good source of probiotics, which help keep your gut healthy and can make it easier for your body to ward off illness. Greek yogurt also provides protein to keep you feeling full and nutrients like calcium, B vitamins, potassium, and more.


What are the benefits of making Greek yogurt at home?

There are a ton of great reasons to make Greek yogurt at home. For example, since you control what goes into making the yogurt, you know there’s not a ton of added sugar or other unwanted ingredients – just healthy, delicious yogurt. Making batches of yogurt at home also costs less than always buying Greek yogurt from the store, so you get to keep more money in your pocket. When you make Greek yogurt yourself, you’ll have a readily available supply for you and your family and don’t have to worry about running to the store to restock.


Our yogurt maker also lets you customize your yogurt. You can make traditional yogurt, or strain it for Greek yogurt. You can also choose from three different probiotic yogurt starter cultures: Heart Health Support, Performance Support, and Healthy Gut Support.


How to make Greek yogurt at home with TopTherm’s yogurt maker

Making Greek yogurt at home has a ton of benefits, but how easy is it to make? Very easy, when you use our yogurt maker! This efficient countertop yogurt maker requires no electricity and is very user friendly. Start by heating the milk of your choice to the proper temperature. Heat UHT milk to 114.8° F, or boil whole milk and then let it cool down to 114.8° F.


When the milk reaches the right temperature, mix in your favorite TopTherm yogurt starter cultures and add the mixture to the bowl of the yogurt maker. Let this set for at least six hours at room temperature. When time’s up, you’ll have natural, regular yogurt! To turn it into Greek yogurt, simply scoop the yogurt into the strainer and put it in the fridge while the excess liquid drains out. The final result is delicious, healthy Greek yogurt.  


Ready to make your own Greek yogurt at home? Click here to learn more and purchase a yogurt maker!

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