How to Make Your Own Yogurt at Home with TopTherm

How to Make Your Own Yogurt at Home with TopTherm

Yogurt is a versatile food that tastes great and offers a range of nutrients. While you could stock up on yogurt while you’re at the grocery store, there are a ton of benefits to making yogurt at home! The TopTherm Yogurt Maker makes it easy.

The Benefits of Making your own Yogurt

To start, making yogurt at home instead of buying it in the store will save you money. In fact, Greek yogurt made using the TopTherm Yogurt Maker costs half of what comparable store-bought Greek yogurt costs. Our made-at-home yogurt also provides double the protein, 40% less sugar, and 38% less sodium.

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How to Choose which Yogurt Starter Culture Pack to Use

Yogurt starter cultures are the key ingredient to turning milk into smooth, creamy yogurt. They also provide a ton of health benefits. At TopTherm, we offer three types of starter cultures: Heart Health Support, Performance Support, and Healthy Gut Support. You can choose the one that’s best for your goals, or try them all! 

Heart Health Support

A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can promote better heart health. The Heart Health Support starter cultures contain a probiotic blend with bacteria that are shown to help promote overall heart health when part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Performance Support

Our Performance Support Starter Culture, when part of a balanced diet, can help athletes maintain their performance at top levels. Yogurt made with these cultures is loaded with live probiotic cultures, which support the body’s microbiome. A strong microbiome is essential for the absorption of nutrients. It also helps strengthen the immune system, improve performance in sports activities and training, and more.

Healthy Gut Support

These probiotic yogurt starter cultures create a high-quality yogurt developed to support gut health, which is essential for overall health. A healthy gut and strong microbiome can help mitigate digestive disorders, prevent constipation, improve the absorption of nutrients, and more.

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How to Make your own Yogurt with TopTherm

Our easy-to-use yogurt maker lets you conveniently make nutritious yogurt from your own home. TopTherm designers worked diligently to create the most efficient, no-electricity-needed, countertop yogurt maker.

To make yogurt using the TopTherm Yogurt Maker, start by heating some milk. If you’re using UHT milk, heat it up to 114.8° F. If whole milk is your preference, boil it and then let it cool down to 114.8° F.

Once the milk is at the right temperature, stir in your TopTherm Starter Cultures and pour the mixture into the yogurt maker bowl. Let it set at room temperature for at least six hours.

After time is up, you’ll have natural, traditional yogurt in your bowl! If you prefer Greek yogurt, simply scoop the yogurt into the strainer and store it in the refrigerator. The excess liquid will drain out, leaving you with delicious Greek yogurt! 

Making yogurt at home is a convenient way to add a nutritious food to your daily routine. You can even make the yogurt before bedtime, put it in the strainer in the morning, and Greek yogurt awaits you when you return from work or other activities! Click here to learn more about the TopTherm Yogurt Maker and buy one for yourself.

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