How to Make Yogurt Part of Your Morning Routine with TopTherm

How to Make Yogurt Part of Your Morning Routine with TopTherm

A morning routine is a great thing to have. It can help you start your day with a positive mindset and set you up for success for the rest of the day. Making healthy habits part of your morning routine can help improve your overall health and wellness, too. For example, eating healthy food like yogurt in the morning can help you stay energized and feeling full longer than sugary breakfast cereals can. Here’s how to make yogurt part of your morning routine with TopTherm.


How To Make Yogurt Part of Your Morning Routine

Try a bowl of yogurt with healthy toppings

Start your day with a serving of Greek yogurt topped with your favorite healthy additions, such as berries, almond butter, or chia seeds. TopTherm Greek yogurt provides probiotics; the berries add a hint of sweetness plus antioxidants; the almond butter adds even more protein, healthy fat and fiber; and the chia seeds add fiber as well.

Include yogurt in your breakfast smoothie

When mixing up a breakfast smoothie or protein shake, try adding a serving of Greek yogurt. Not only does it give the smoothie a rich and creamy texture, but it also provides protein, nutrients, and probiotics that work to improve your health.

Use yogurt as a dip for fruit and veggies

Greek yogurt is a versatile food that makes a great dip for fruit and veggies. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try using Greek yogurt as a creamy dip for strawberries, raspberries, pineapple and apple slices. Greek yogurt is also great for dipping carrots, celery, cucumber slices and more.


yogurt morning routine


Benefits of Eating Yogurt

When consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet, yogurt provides health benefits for your heart, brain, eyes, skin, metabolism, joints and digestion. In fact, each of our yogurt starter culture sachets are designed to make the most out of specific health benefits.

Heart Health Support Starter Culture: The probiotic blend in these starter cultures contains bacteria that are shown to help promote overall heart health when combined with a balanced, healthy diet.

Performance Support Starter Culture: Yogurt made from our Performance probiotic starter cultures is loaded with live probiotic cultures and can be consumed to help support the body’s microbiome. A strong microbiome improves performance in sports activities and training as well as supports the absorption of nutrients.

Healthy Gut Support Starter Culture: Adding probiotic-rich Greek yogurt, made from the unique probiotic starter culture blend in our Healthy Gut Support Starter, to your daily diet is an important step to maintaining good gut health.

yogurt morning routine

How To Make Healthy Greek Yogurt

Instead of reaching for grocery store yogurt, which can be expensive and loaded with sugar, try making your own yogurt at home with TopTherm’s yogurt maker. Simply heat your milk to the proper temperature, mix in your starter culture, give it some time to go to work, then come back to delicious, nutritious Greek yogurt.

Adding yogurt to your morning routine is a great way to start your day on a healthy note. Click here to learn more about our yogurt starter cultures and have a great morning!

How To Make Yogurt Part of Your Morning Routine
How To Make Yogurt Part of Your Morning Routine
How To Make Yogurt Part of your Morning Routine

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