Benefits of Probiotics and TopTherm

Benefits of Probiotics and TopTherm

When it comes to health benefits, yogurt offers plenty: calcium for strong bones, protein to keep you full, nutrients to support your overall health, and more. Yogurt also contains probiotics, a good kind of bacteria that offers a number of benefits. Here’s a closer look at probiotics and how yogurt made with TopTherm starter cultures can help you benefit from probiotics.


What are the benefits of probiotics?

While probiotics can be found in multiple areas of your body, these good-for-you bacteria are most commonly found in your gut. One way they work to keep you healthy is by making sure there is not too much bad bacteria in your system, which could make you sick. They also help your immune system function properly and help control inflammation.


Probiotics and gut health

Probiotics offer a number of health benefits related to your gut. They help you digest the food you eat as well as break down and absorb medications you take. Probiotics have also been shown to help when you have constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.


Probiotics also support a healthy microbiome, which regulates your immune system, helps digest your food, and protects your body from bad bacteria. With a healthy gut and strong microbiome, your body is more capable of warding off illnesses, diseases and other health problems.


How to add probiotics to your day

Some of the ways you can increase your consumption of probiotics include taking supplements, drinking kombucha, and – our favorite – eating yogurt. While you can buy yogurt at the store, another option is to make it at home using TopTherm’s yogurt maker and probiotic yogurt starter cultures.


How TopTherm can help

There are multiple types of probiotics, and each do different things to help keep you healthy. While many yogurt starters only contain the probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus, TopTherm’s yogurt starter cultures contain multiple types of probiotics as well as a high concentration of probiotic cultures. When you make yogurt with our products, you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.


Our probiotic yogurt starter cultures

TopTherm offers three types of probiotic-rich starter cultures: Healthy Gut Support, Heart Health Support, and Performance Support. Healthy Gut Support contributes to a healthy digestive system and overall health. Heart Health Support, along with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, helps support heart health. Performance Support is a great choice for athletes or anyone who needs a little extra support before, during or after strenuous sporting activities. To make your own regular or Greek yogurt at home using our starter cultures, you’ll also need our convenient yogurt maker. It’s easy to use: simply heat milk to the proper temperature, mix in the probiotic starter culture of your choice, give the mixture some time to do its thing, then voila! Delicious yogurt that’s nutritious and less expensive than many store-bought yogurt options. You can also strain the yogurt to make Greek yogurt.


Learn more

Probiotics play an important role in your gut health, immune health, and overall health. Adding homemade yogurt to your day is a great way to increase the amount of good bacteria in your system and benefit from the many health benefits of probiotics. Click here to learn more about our probiotic starter cultures and yogurt maker.

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