Benefits of Greek Yogurt

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When you reach for a delicious breakfast or snack, what do you choose? If you decide on Greek yogurt, then you already know it’s a delicious option any time of the day. But did you also know that Greek yogurt has a wide range of benefits in addition to tasting great? Here are just a few of our favorite benefits of Greek yogurt.

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Higher protein

Greek yogurt is a great source of protein. This is beneficial because protein helps to keep you feeling fuller for a longer amount of time. Not only does this mean you won’t be distracted by a rumbling tummy as quickly, but you’re also likely to snack less throughout the day, a benefit for those who are working to lose or maintain their current weight. Protein also helps you maintain or build muscle mass and improve your strength.


Lower carbs

If you’re pursuing a low-carb diet, homemade Greek yogurt is a delicious and healthy option that won’t wreck your desired carb count for the day. While traditional, store bought yogurt can be high in sugar and carbs, Greek yogurt is made by taking traditional yogurt and straining out excess liquid after your yogurt has fermented. This liquid contains whey, which is a source of carbohydrates. Without this liquid, you’re left with low-carb Greek yogurt that’s perfect for a snack or meal.


Lower calories

For people wanting to lose weight or maintain their current weight, it’s important to make sure your calorie intake is lower than or equal to the amount of calories you burn throughout the day. Eating foods high in calories – especially those high in sugar and low in nutritional value – can throw your efforts out of whack. Luckily, Greek yogurt is lower in calories than traditional yogurt as well as many other popular snack options like cookies or snack cakes.


Great for your overall health

Greek yogurt offers a ton of health benefits. For starters, it’s full of nutrients that your body needs to maintain optimal health, including calcium, riboflavin, B vitamins such as vitamin B12, and more. Greek yogurt made from TopTherm yogurt starter cultures contain live probiotics, good-for-you bacteria that help support a healthy microbiome, or your body’s store of these probiotics. A strong microbiome provides a number of benefits, including helping to improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, help mitigate digestive disorders, help strengthen your immune system, and much more.

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How to keep Greek yogurt low in fat

One thing to keep in mind is that Greek yogurt can have a high fat content, depending on the kind of milk it’s made with. For example, Greek yogurt made with whole milk will have that higher fat content than yogurt made with 2% milk. However, if you’re making Greek yogurt yourself with our yogurt maker and starter cultures, it’s easy to make low-fat Greek yogurt! Simply swap the whole milk for low-fat milk or non-fat milk for Greek yogurt that tastes great but doesn’t have as much fat.

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Make Greek yogurt part of your daily routine

Want to learn more about the benefits of Greek yogurt? Click here to check out our TopTherm probiotic starter cultures for yogurt that supports a healthy gut, heart, and athletic and physical performance.

How To Make Yogurt Part of Your Morning Routine
How To Make Yogurt Part of Your Morning Routine
How To Make Yogurt Part of your Morning Routine

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